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GOM Inspect Software 2020 Training

Want to learn more and obtain an e-certificate? Join the GOM E-Learning training community at https://bit.ly/3RJU4u4. It's free to join, and there are more classes like these!

Improve your 3D data inspection and analysis skills in this popular virtual training course. This Training Course Covers the latest GOM software release which advances 3D measurement workflows and includes a multitude of enhanced metrology functionality.

For more GOM Software training, visit the training center at training.gom.com.

00:00 Day 1
00:01:55 Company Overview
00:11:07 Contents of the Course
00:11:50 Intro to GOM Metrology
00:16:23 What is GOM Inspect?
00:18:21 New features in GOM Suite SW2020
00:19:43 General operations of the software
00:27:50 Data import
00:29:40 3D selection tools
00:30:40 Mesh editing
00:41:15 Basic alignments
00:45:01 Surface comparison
00:56:30 Inspection sections
01:01:02 Material thickness
01:07:57 Intro to report pages
01:18:57 Saving and exporting

Day 2
01:25:50 I-Inspect wheel
01:26:56 Introduction to measuring principles
01:28:56 Workflow overview
01:31:50 Constructing nominal elements
01:42:41 Outer disc caliper
02:08:35 2-point distance creation
02:15:05 Create surface points
02:22:03 Angle inspection
02:39:33 RPS alignment
02:49:15 3-2-1 alignment
02:50:10 Inspection without CAD

Day 3
03:07:15 Basic GD\u0026T creation
03:21:10 GD\u0026T quick creation menu
03:29:40 Custom report pages
04:18:50 GOM Inspect vs GOM Inspect Professional
04:20:30 Feature of GOM Inspect Professional

About Us

We live in a world fueled by creativity, innovation, and competition. When product ideas are born, the world of engineering gives it life. The tools and technologies we use on a daily basis are a critical factor to achieve success.
Joseph Paul : Can we find the overall deviation percentage etween scnned file and the STL? If yes, where i can find that opion :)

Thanks in advance :)
C R : When you do a surface comparison, why would you choose to do on it the CAD versus on the Mesh - and regardless of the methods, what is the deviation value referencing?
Zachary Ensley : Can you provide a link to the training materials mentioned in the beginning of the video please. The link is expired.
jacky jacky99 : Will you provide course certificate ?
jacky jacky99 : Sir course certificate ? @CAPTURE 3D

GOM Training Webinar - 2D Digital Image Correlation with GOM Correlate

GOM Correlate is a free digital image correlation (DIC) and evaluation software. Digital image correlation is an optical non-contact method to determine 2D or 3D coordinates. The coordinates can be used to deduce displacements and strain of specimens for a wide range of applications in materials and components testing.
GOM Correlate provides free 2D digital image correlation, which supports the evaluation and reporting of any digital image series or video files. It is, therefore, perfectly suited for in-plane testing applications with already existing cameras.

Topics in this webinar:
- Low-speed and high-speed tensile tests
- Notch zone evaluation
- Three-point bending tests
- Shear tests according to ASTM
- Large-scale DIC

Anh em Thuận Gòm bị Mẹ đuổi ra khỏi nhà P2 | Thương Xúc Xích

Con Rất Thích Làm Video .Cả Nhà Ủng Hộ Con Nha .Con Cảm Ơn Cả Nhà Rất Nhiều hjhj
Cả Nhà Xem Video Thấy Vui Thấy Hay ,Cả Nhà Cho Con Xin 1Like 1Chia Sẽ và 1Đăng Ký Nha Cả Nhà hjhj. Con Chúc Cả Nhà Nhiều Sức Khỏe và Xem Video Vui Ngen!!
#ThươngXúcXích #7codon#ThuanGomVlogs
Nguyễn Thanh phong : Bà thương này báo không hà, Làm bị chửi cả bầy Luôn rồi, Làm tội thầy bãi với ông tài.
Tâm Huỳnh : Chúc gia đình thuận luôn vui khỏe nha hihi thấy dì 2 bức xúc quá cũng tội nghiệp nhưng có như vậy mới vui đúng không cả nhà kkk
Tấn Nghĩa Nguyễn : Tôi nghiệp Thuận gồm, bé Thương quá. Dì Hai mãi đinh.
Nguyen hung cuong : Cau chau anh em thuan toi nai gioi gi 2 roi hihi
Tuyet Nguyen : Chúc cả team một ngày mới tốt lành vui vẻ và hạnh phúc




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