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Downloading in Germany: Legal or illegal?

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Kevin Garcia : I just downloaded one song for personal use. And now I'm scared.
M. H. : To be frank, most of those letters you would get, telling you you have to pay x amount of money, are about as legal as the downloading itself. Most of the time, these are written by lawyers who specialize in so called "Abmahnungen" (written warnings) and rarely have actual contact with the true content creator/owner. They just want the money, sometimes not even giving the money to the content creator/owner. I have even heard of cases, where the lawyer put fake links in the internet, promising downloads of current movies/series and when you click it, your IP and so on is tracked and you get the letters, which is technically illegal, since no data is ever actually shared... it is just a scam.
Don't get me wrong, I don't condone downloads, but "Abmahnungen" are equally as bad or even worse in my opinion.
Pratik Deshmukh : You are great guy .... Thank you for giving such important information bro ...keep growing.. best luck
Avishek Chatterjee : @menspro Hello Nikhilesh. Is it possible to use a VPN like ExpressVPN to avoid this situation altogether? Not for downloading maybe but for streaming and everything else. Your IP wouldn't be from Germany anymore in that way.
Akshay P : Thank you for these videos bro, they're so filled with imp things

Streaming and Torrent in Germany - Legal or illegal ?

In this video, I will explain Streaming and torrents in Germany. If it is legal or illegal in Germany

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0:00 Intro
0:30 My knowledge
1:10 Why I was wrong?
1:50 Fine amount
2:05 What is illegal?
2:30 Worst-case Scenario
3:35 What is legal ? (FREE PRIME STUDENT)
4:20 Legal platforms
5:08 VPN is the solution
5:30 1.) PureVPN
5:45 2.) NordVPN
5:55 3.) SurfShark
6:05 4.) ExpressVPN
6:20 Deals and offers

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Asad Ahmed : Thanks for sharing VPN information
Ádám Ürmös : Me an my friends have used torrent since we have been kids and never got a fine we always used it in hungary and now my friends and i use it in germany never had a problem. We always download games
EDP4A5 : is donwloading zip files when someone made something that costed money (for example made some beats for music) legal here in germany?
Tushant : Please make video on VPN specifically.
Nytin Mou d gil : Bro IPTV is legal in germany?

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독일빵고모 bbanggomo : Hallo lieber Leon,
wie immer tolle Informationen!
hoffentlich wissen die Leute, wie viel Arbeit für diese Infos stecken...
ein schönes Wochenende trotz des Wetters lg
Sangho Lee : 독일에서 살고 있지만 제가 아직 모르고 있었던 것이 많았네요. 많은 도움 되었습니다. 다음 편도 기대하고 있겠습니다.
레온튜브Leontube : 여러분 제가 배수구가 없는 집만 살아봐서 몰랐는데, 방금 독일 친구들이랑 이야기한 결과, 배수구가 있는 집도 많고 그런 집에선 물 청소 오케이랍니당!! 죄송해요!!
단테 Dante : 점점 개그가 느시는 듯ㅎㅎㅎㅎ 칭찬입니다 레온님 덕에 힘을 얻으며 살아요, 고마워요~
mimmi lyn : 얼마 전 혼자 독일 여행(8도시)을 다녀와서 독일에 관심이 가다보니 검색하다가 레온님 영상을 접하게 된 직장인입니다~ 기차연착 정말 공감합니다...ㅠ 여행이 일정보다 딜레이되서 코피 쏟으며 여행했습지요... 그래도 (어딜가나 이상한 사람들 있는 거 빼곤) 캐리어 끙끙대고 끌고 다니니 말 없이 다가와서 들어주고 밀어주고, 먼저 사진 찍어주시겠다 다가와주시고, 눈 마주치면 씩 웃어주시는 등 친절한 분들을 많이 만나서 좋은 기억이 많이 남았네요~ (주절주절 댔는데 무튼) 새벽 라디오 듣는 것 같은 좋은 목소리, 편한 영상미로 알찬 컨텐츠 많이 만들어주시고 건강 유의하십쇼~~~ 자주 놀러 오겠습니다:)




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